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The Day Out of Time is the 365 th day of the year of 13 moons. This day does not integrate with any moon or week and allows linking quantum jump Between two years.

It is the expression + 1 that allows enter factor in the upward spiral of time. The factor plus one (1) is the mathematical principle of the recirculation of the time functioning as a spiral tunnel. Without this factor one, would be no evolution, no movement, everything freezes, while return on itself, without leaving the circle. However, it is one of the factors that allow us to make the leap to move the circle to the spiral and create movement, expansion; because although time is cyclical, we find that is never exactly the same point in space-time and the same situation. Cycles do not describe circles but spirals.

This is a day of prayer and recollection dedicated to celebrating ART AND LIFE. Around the world in 90 countries, on this festive day we express our gratitude and recognition of the power of forgiveness. We celebrate: a people, a land once.

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